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What is newtongrads?

For graduates

You can easily create an online CV that features a short video clip of yourself - a brilliant way for you to literally get your face in front of many employers!

It’s a fantastic tool for all students, whether you’re looking for an internship, a placement year, or you’ve just graduated and are looking for your first permanent job.

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For employers

You’re able to access the best graduates from across the nation at the click of a button. 

We all know that candidates can come across well on paper, and yet be far from your expectations when you meet them in person.

With newtongrads you can carry out advanced searches, download a candidate's CV, view their profile and short video clips - saving you considerable time shortlisting your first interview stage candidates.

Find out more on the employers page or click here to get started straight away.

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Graduates - did you know...

...newtongrads is free for all graduates

...videos can be up to 90 seconds can create and upload a video CV using your mobile

Employers - did you know...

...newtongrads saves you and your company time and money on wasted interviews can share your shortlisted candidate with colleagues

...there is a powerful search focused on your needs