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Finding your dream job

Regardless of which industry you're looking to progress your career in, newtongrads will open doors for you. Once registered you will become available to employers, ranging from the largest international firms, to new exciting start-ups from across the UK – they are viewing graduate profiles on newtongrads.

There's no agent in between, you simply create your profile, and interested employers will contact you directly to arrange an initial interview. 

Your video CV

Employers receive hundreds of CVs for every graduate level job advertised.  Often the main hurdle is getting past the 100’s of other candidates when the employer is reviewing the CVs at the start. Naturally, you want to make yourself stand out from the others, and be able to secure that first interview to really show them why you’re the right choice for them.

To make the most of your free newtongrads graduate profile we invite you to include a video clip of yourself highlighting some of your key skills, goals, and why you should be hired.

Register and find your dream job

newtongrads STEM event 2018 Make an impressive video CV

Talk through your key highlights including things like why you want to work in a particular sector; why a company should hire you; how you can start adding value to the sector you want to work in and so on. But don’t forget, you need to keep the employer interested, to stay focused we’ve recommend a maximum time of 90 seconds for your video CV.

When planning your video CV you is get the employer to think, “Yes! I would like to meet that person to find out more.”  Avoid giving your full life story or reading your complete university dissertation. The more focused and specialised you are, the greater the chance you’ll get the job that’s perfect for you!

You only upload one video clip for lots of employers to see.  So, don’t talk about working for any one particular employer, it’s better to talk about the industry or sector you want to work in.

The best part is – you simply record your video using any method you desire, from your mobile to a professional studio (the choice is yours!) – then upload it.